Thursday, January 15, 2015

In early October 2014 two men jump off a over 1000 foot tower and one of them does nine flips it.  three people took video of this all were on Go Pros. In this picture you can see the the people in the picture ready to jump. you can see in his point of view near the end of the video. here's a link for the video.

loms band

Los Osos Middle school and Morro Bay high school will be having a concert at the pack. They will be play today the 17th 7:00 pm for a fundraiser and to show their talents to others.

Some of the players are a bit nervous because some of them have not mastered their music and so does Mr. Balya their conductor. The 8th and high school band won't be waiting in the audience as usually they will be on backstage waiting to play their pieces.  The pack is sold out which is very rare. Will theis concert go big or go home. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back to school.

Students happy or mad. Students and teachers are now working back at school. Some students are a little disappointed because they herd a little  rumor that school started on tuesday not monday. Antoni was one of those people that fell for the rumor and this is what he said about it. " I am a little mad that that the high schoolers get monday off and we don't."

Picture this this some kids are staying up late on sunday night thinking there is no school tomorrow and then they find out there is school tomorrow so you can tell why antoni is a little mad. Some kids are happy to be back at school. Ayden (our school has 6 Aidans counting me) is one of those happy kids some seemed to think that kids don't like to go to school but there are many at our school who enjoy going to school. Ayden said." I"m just really happy to see my friends again. and i was running out of stuff to do. some are happy some are mad either way they have to go to school